CLICK A PILL – A Zoom Short Film by Marko Jovanovic

One gets covid and infects his whole creative team. You’re all stuck in your rooms. What better opportunity to work something dark and disturbing for us creative spirits? I’m Marko Jovanovic and a year ago I wrote and directed this short entirely on ZOOM. Endless calls with the cast, technical difficulties and fun were on our daily schedules for a week. We made it, our baby was born! We are now showing it at theaters and bars all around Vienna in order to raise funds and send it off to some festivals. Follow us and don’t miss out on it!

But above all this we want to raise awareness around mental institutions, drugs and digitalization. Francesco Costa in his book „This Is America“ tells a story of a girl who got addicted to drugs after a wisdom teeth surgery, because unfortunately that’s how the medical insurance system works in the States. She ODed and was found dead at an airport not so long after the surgery. And this is the case for a lot of people. What if digitized thi system and started treating people in a mental institution with drugs that one gets injected through a link? What if someone hacks the system? Who is responsible?

„Click A Pill“ is a commentary on this not so dystopian possibility of digitizing drugs once everyone gets a chip installed in their brains.


All of this wouldn’t have been possible without my amazing team: Ahmed Al-Taai, Emma Mocker, Anna Starkl, Christina Leitner and Laura Döller.


Free Entry!

Send an email to or send a DM on instagram @markojov.act and reserve your seat!


27 Jan 2023



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